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What they didn't tell you about depression

  What depression looks like can be different for different people. Most people I talk with about it though have some similarities. When people think of depression, at least when I used to think of depression I thought of the most depressed, down, non-motivated person. A person that slept all day, ate too much and cried all the time. This can be at times the description of a depressed person. But what I didn't realize is that there are many phases and different degrees of depression. When I was diagnosed with depression it was obvious. I had been suicidal and felt hopeless. With medication and some therapy I felt a little better (I was no longer suicidal) My alcohol consumption, of course, was labeled the culprit of most if not all of my problems including my depression. Although I found this not completely to be true when I had put together 4 years of sobriety and decided to get off my depression medication. Of course, I did so on my own without my doc's consultation. Within 6

Fun times bring balance to my life

  In the midst of life's challenges, I make time to enjoy what is in front of me. Spending time doing fun things adds great balance to my life.   Spending time with friends is a great way to unwind. Although focusing on my responsibilities is important, I avoid neglecting social activities. Being around others with like minds allows for shared expressions and unforced interaction. It may not be possible to physically get together in these trying times, but virtual get-togethers can be just as comforting. Get creative. Have a virtual karaoke, scavenger hunt, maybe a virtual jam session, or book club.   I enjoy playing with my grandson. Whether that be coloring, reading, playing with his cars and trucks, or running around outside.   Being carefree takes my mind off the seriousness of life. He is so full of energy and zest for life, and it energizes me as well.   Taking some time out for self-care is also essential for a balanced life. I plan my "me time" once a