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Hot and Cold Therapy: Beneficial or Needless Self-Torture?

 Heat and cold are commonly used for treating injuries to specific areas of the body. But what about heating and cooling your entire body? Are these helpful in any meaningful way? Or is it just a silly fad without any merit?  Biohackers have promoted these ideas over the last few years. Let’s see if there’s any substance to their advice.   Spending time in a sauna regularly has its benefits:   Stress relief. Sitting in a sauna can feel wonderful. It’s stress-relieving and cleansing, especially after you wash the sweat off. Formation of heat shock proteins. Excessive heat stimulates specific genes to create heat shock proteins. ●       These are helpful in eliminating free radicals in the body. Heat shock proteins can also repair damaged proteins. Spending time in a sauna can prolong your life. Research has shown that spending some time in a sauna at least four days a week may reduce the incidence of several causes of death