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15 Ways to Fight Inflammation

 Your immune system protects you from germs and other foreign substances that could make you sick by making parts of your body heat up and swell. However, sometimes it goes too far. That’s when such inflammation becomes chronic as a response to stress, junk food, or other lifestyle triggers.   This chronic inflammation is associated with many serious health issues, including diabetes, heart disease, certain cancers, arthritis, fatigue, and depression. To reduce your risk, you may need to change your diet and other daily practices.   Start with these ideas for following an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.   Eating to Reduce Inflammation:   Focus on plants. Most vegetables and fruits are rich in protective compounds like antioxidants and polyphenols. Load up on spinach, kale, berries, and citrus fruit. Some vegetables like asparagus and sweet potatoes also serve as prebiotics that tightens your gut and lower inflammation. Just make sure to balance cook

Top 10 Habits That Enhance Your Mood and Your Success

  Your daily rituals ultimately determine the quality of your life. Happy and successful people do different things each day than the average person. And they do those things consistently. This is great news! A few small changes can transform your life, but patience is required. Instead of focusing on big changes, consider making a few minor adjustments.   The odds of successfully making a change is much higher when that change is small.   Effective habits result in a more productive life:   1.      Make yourself a priority. We’ve all been taught to worry about others. Self-sacrifice is viewed as altruistic and noble. But you’re important, too. Give your emotional and physical health the priority it deserves. You’ll then be in a better position to help yourself and others. 2.      Set one or more goals each day. If you don’t have an objective for the day, you’re much less likely to make the most of it. It feels good to wake up with a purpose. You’ll also get a lot more a

I cultivate a sound mind through daily activities

 My sanity relies on me having balance each day. I cultivate a sound mind by keeping it engaged and stimulated.  I love to explore the world around me. I always incorporate exploration in my day, even for just a short while. Visiting a new place or learning about something new is healthy. It maintains my sense of wonder and keeps my brain active. Whether that is checking out a new restaurant, taking a different route home from work, or what have you.   Taking myself away from the rigors of work is beneficial. I avoid allowing work to consume my time. Taking breaks throughout the day to just get up, move, and stretch helps immensely.   My lunch break is spent outside the office. I benefit greatly from introducing a new environment. It allows me to clear my head of the issues at work and return with a fresh mind. I am able to resolve issues when I step away from them for a while.   Exercise is essential to both my body and mind. It keeps me physically fit and also releases e