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Is Honesty Always the Best Policy?

Your mom certainly advised you to always tell the truth. Though honesty is often the best path, there are times when a little dishonesty makes sense.   In an ideal world, you’d only speak when your words are honest, kind, and helpful. Unfortunately, there are many times the truth isn’t kind. Do you really want to tell your wife that she looks fat in her dress? Would it be appropriate to tell someone that you don’t think he could ever complete a marathon after hearing of his plans?   What if telling the truth is painful but helpful? It isn’t always cut and dry that being honest is the best policy.   Consider your options before speaking:   1.      Ask yourself how you will feel afterward. Will you feel better or worse? Look ahead and determine if you’ll regret your honesty or lack of honesty. We’ve all said things without thinking that we later regret. Consider the long-term, too. 2.      Consider how the other person will feel. When you’re done speaking, will the othe