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Why Journal?

  Great leaders, geniuses, and generations of teenagers have kept journals to record their experiences and sort through their thoughts and feelings. A journal can have many purposes. It may help you to lose weight, heal emotionally, or manage your career. Maybe you’ve wanted to start a journal of your own, but something keeps holding you back. You might find it difficult to squeeze another task into your busy days or you may have doubts about your writing abilities.   The truth is that there’s no single formula for journaling success. Use these tips to help you develop your own individual style so you can start a journal and stick with it.   Finding Your Time to Journal:   Designate a time. Blocking out the same time each day for journaling may help you to create a steady habit. It could be first thing in the morning or the last thing you do before bed. Carry it around. On the other hand, maybe you prefer to write when inspiration

What Neuroscience Says About Binge-Watching

Seventy-three percent of Netflix viewers report feeling happy while they're binge-watching. However, those marathon sessions could pose risks to your mental and physical health.  A growing body of research raises concerns about what binge-watching does to your brain.   Some studies suggest that watching back-to-back episodes can contribute to depression and anxiety and impair language and memory skills.  At first, you feel pleasure as your brain produces more dopamine. Then, you may feel let down when you finish your last season of Buffy. (ok that was an old reference, lol) But meanwhile, that passive activity can decrease oxygen levels and make it harder for your brain to focus.   Does this mean you have to choose between your brain and Stranger Things? Before you cancel your streaming subscriptions, find out how to make binge-watching healthier.   Binge Watching and Mental Health:   Binge-watching is probably here to stay. Sixty-one percent of Netflix viewers also sa