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Heal Yourself and the World

When life becomes a tangled web of negative news, upsetting emotions, and work overload, it's hard to find ways to feel better. Sometimes, the only thing you can do is hang on and take every step to keep your mind and emotions positive.   One way to psychologically heal yourself is to perform random acts of kindness. The really cool thing about doing random acts of kindness is that you feel great, and someone else feels blessed, too. By one simple act, two people will feel better about their lives.  Why not heal yourself and someone else through practicing kind acts? Try some of these suggestions or think of your own lovely favors to do for others.   Deposit money in a vending machine and walk away. If you work in a setting with food and beverage vending machines, a wonderful, inexpensive way to give someone's day a lift as well as your own is to deposit money in a machine and leave it for the next person. Whoever approaches the machine will see there's money