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Exploring and Connecting With Your Community

Regardless of where you live, chances are you only use a fraction of your community resources. Undoubtedly, there are adventures waiting for you just down the street!   Unless you live in a community with less than a few thousand people, you likely have access to dozens of activities and businesses in your city or town.   Consider the following suggestions before you set out to explore your community:   1.      Make a list of places you've heard about in your community but never visited. Maybe your city has a factory that produces a product, and that factory gives regular tours. If you've never taken the tour, put that factory on your list. ·        If your area is known for producing certain products, decide to learn about those products and how they're made. 2.      Check out the agriculture in your area. Are you surrounded by rich, fertile farmland where food products, like soybeans, berries, or other fruits and vegetables are grown? If so, visiting