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5 Effective Strategies for Dealing With Your Weaknesses

 Do you have any weaknesses? We all do, but some of us do a poor job of dealing with them. Others appear to have no weaknesses because their weaknesses are never exposed. Your weaknesses can be a big drag on your life, or they can have minimal impact. It depends on the weakness and how you address it.   A weakness doesn't have to be a hindrance! Use these techniques to deal with weaknesses strategically:   Decide if your weakness is relevant. Not all weaknesses are worthy of addressing. If you're a terrible athlete but have no interest in playing sports, why work on your athleticism? Everyone has weaknesses, but not everyone has weaknesses that matter to them. ●       Consider your life and your goals. Do your weaknesses get in the way of either? If not, don't worry about them! You are very fortunate! Work around your weakness. In many cases, it's possible to work around your weaknesses. If you're terrible o