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14 Ways to Relax Without Alcohol or Food

For many of us, the days of going to the bar  to unwind after a stressful day at work are long gone. But it's still important to find ways to unwind and chillax after a stressful or, heck, even after any day. Getting into a new, healthy routine can be challenging, but here are some simple ways to destress without consuming alcohol or taking in extra unwanted calories from eating the stress away. Let's face it, we can substitute food for our addiction all too easily.  When we substitute food for our addictions, we are just reiterating that  consumption is the only way to relax.   You can’t remove stress from daily life, but you can learn to deal with it without creating more troubles. Start with these ideas for relaxing without alcohol or food.   Calorie-Free Ways to Relax on Your Own:   1.      Breathe deeply. Pause and take a few calming breaths. Inhale from down in your diaphragm instead of up in your chest. Lengthen your exhalations to match your inhalations. Fo