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Uncomfortable times encourage me to make prudent choices

   In life, there are good days and days with an opportunity to enhance my circumstances. I look forward to both because they serve as growth opportunities.   Being outside of my comfort zone is a little unsettling but I am brave. I know that I am adaptable and creative. Those attributes bring comfort. I can get through it. I have a 100% success rate of surviving this far!!   Newness in any aspect of my life provides the opportunity to observe. Sitting still and taking in all that is happening around me allows me to adjust to norms. It gives me the chance to understand what I am involved in and decide my next course of action.   I am sometimes uncomfortable when I am required to manage competing for financial obligations. But I stay cool, consider what would be the wisest option, and then stick with my plan. If I make a mistake I learn. I either win or learn. But if I don't make a decision or I try to stay in my comfort zone I don't learn, and I don't grow.