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I cultivate a sound mind through daily activities

 My sanity relies on me having balance each day. I cultivate a sound mind by keeping it engaged and stimulated.  I love to explore the world around me. I always incorporate exploration in my day, even for just a short while. Visiting a new place or learning about something new is healthy. It maintains my sense of wonder and keeps my brain active. Whether that is checking out a new restaurant, taking a different route home from work, or what have you.   Taking myself away from the rigors of work is beneficial. I avoid allowing work to consume my time. Taking breaks throughout the day to just get up, move, and stretch helps immensely.   My lunch break is spent outside the office. I benefit greatly from introducing a new environment. It allows me to clear my head of the issues at work and return with a fresh mind. I am able to resolve issues when I step away from them for a while.   Exercise is essential to both my body and mind. It keeps me physically fit and also releases e