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Rapidly Increase Your Reading Speed In No Time!

 Reading is a highly effective way of increasing your knowledge. Books are quite amazing. Some of the most intelligent and capable people have chosen to write down what they know.   You can have access to this information without having to invest decades of your life. You can avoid all of the failure that comes with having to learn that knowledge yourself.   All you have to do is spend a leisurely week reading a book! There's no better deal in the world.   Of course, the faster you read, the more you can learn each week. Most adults read around 250 words per minute. Of course, the reading material impacts speed. Some things are easier to read than others.   With practice, 1,000 words per minute is definitely achievable! Some people can read many times faster than that.   If you value your time, your reading speed matters!   Try these strategies to increase your reading speed:   Keep your eyes moving forward. One study that tracked eye movement showed th