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I don't have to do everything and be everything.

  My life is so much more relaxed and pleasurable when I let go of the need to do everything myself. In addition, I actually enjoy more success when I let others handle some of the tasks and responsibilities!   At work, delegating projects and tasks is a skill I continue to practice. I also practice asking for help. I had a limiting belief for the longest time, as many of us do, that asking for help is a weakness. I need to crush that belief! Asking for help is actually a strength. It enables others to feel needed and allows me to focus on projects that I do well at.   Also when I delegate, I refrain from trying to control everything. I am confident that the team around me can do an exceptional job, even if their methods are different from mine.   Fostering a team spirit lets everyone be part of the success. The better I perfect my delegating skills, the less everyone feels the need to turn to me for everything.   At home, delegating chores teaches my children respon

Why You Never Have Enough Time and How to Overcome It

Are you always wishing you had more time available to you? The truth is, you probably have plenty of time. You’re just not focused, and you’re not using your time wisely.   Everyone receives 24 hours each day. There’s a reason why some people are accomplishing much more than you are and are still able to be on time for all of their commitments.   These reasons could be why you never have enough time:   You fail to prioritize. What’s the most important activity you must do in order for you to accomplish your objective? If you’re not asking yourself this question regularly, you’re not getting the most bang for your time and effort. It’s easy to stay very busy but fail to accomplish much. ●       Ask yourself, “What is the most important thing I need to accomplish?” ●       Then ask yourself, “What is the best way for me to accomplish that?” You waste time. This could be due to procrastination. It could be due to inefficient work habits. ●       Make the choic

I can release my feelings of trying to control everything. I can go with the flow

  I acknowledge that the only person I have complete control over is me! I cannot control the thoughts, opinions, or actions of others. However, I can control my reactions to whatever life throws my way.   I let go of my desire to control situations, and I refuse to allow frustration to cloud my mind. Instead, I choose to focus on what I can do in any given situation.   Even though I cannot control everything, I am not powerless over everything! I still have tools that help me direct my life toward achieving my goals, regardless of life’s distractions. I can choose to change or let go.   My time management skills keep me focused and organized. I allow time in my schedule for dealing with distractions without losing my focus on my priorities. We have control over where we put our priorities, but life will do it for us if we don’t prioritize.   Affirmations are another tool that helps guide my life to where I want to go. Regardless of what life throws at me, I can replace any