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I take compliments in stride

 It is wonderful to hear others say nice things about me, but I avoid feeling overwhelmed. I take compliments in stride. This attitude prevents me from becoming too self-centered.   When someone tells me that I am beautiful, I express thanks for the kind words and move on. I spend very little time focusing on physical beauty. Instead, I groom myself spiritually, so what is on the inside shines through.   Humility is one of my most treasured attributes. It teaches me that even when I am victorious, it is through a combination of hard work and blessings.   I avoid getting caught up in my own accomplishments, even when others are congratulating me. There is a higher purpose to my existence than personal fulfillment. My life's purpose is to serve others and cater to their well-being.   When my boss applauds me for a job well done, I express gratitude. Then, it is back to work. Most of my time is focused on my consistency as a hardworking person.   Developing posit