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The Worst Time Management Mistakes You're Probably Making

 Can you answer "How well do you manage your time" with a straight face? Like most people, you probably find it challenging to answer that question. It's better to think about your time as an asset, not as a burdensome thing that you have to figure out how to use.   By taking some time to understand how you spend your time, you can begin to make significant steps toward better time management.   That does not mean it's a walk in the park. On the contrary, it's hard work, demanding a lot of dedication. However, once you start to see the benefits of your improved time management, it will increase the motivation to keep at it.   Consider these time management mistakes you might be making:   Procrastination. This pattern is one of the biggest timewasters of all. Procrastination ruins the day. If you're constantly waiting for things to happen, you're always behind schedule. You literally can't get things done on time becau

Procrastination is a waste of time

  P rocrastination is one of the biggest traps that adults can fall into. Inevitably there are projects at home or tasks at work that we just don't want to do. They're boring, difficult, or just seemingly unimportant. Even as kids, we had moments of procrastination; after all, how many times did your mother have to hound you to clean your room?   We live in a world where quick entertainment is at our fingertips. Switch on the television, turn on the radio, or plug in the iPod. All of these fun alternatives can ultimately prevent us from completing the tasks at hand. But of course, this gets us nowhere, fast!   What is Time Management?     All people are granted only 24 hours in any given day.  How you choose to use that time  is what differentiates the procrastinators from the proficient time managers.   Learning time management techniques will help you plan your day, so you know exactly what has to be accomplished. It's much easier to get motivated in the morning if you kn