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Journal Prompts to Heal a Broken Heart

 Grieving the end of a relationship can be painful for both parties.  When we mourn the end of a relationship, it’s normal to miss your ex and the way you felt in that relationship. In healing from the pain that comes after a breakup, we need to accept, let go, and move forward. One way of accomplishing that is by journaling.   Journaling helps get your thoughts and feelings onto paper. You uncover what you’re going through and feeling, then work through solutions while writing. Physically writing down your thoughts and feelings can also help you learn more about what you want.   Understand How Journaling Can Change Your Life   Journaling about what is most meaningful to you can change your daily mood and your life. When you journal, you can write down positive thoughts, clarify personal goals, and keep track of your success.   Sometimes it can be difficult to start journaling. Journal prompts help you explore a stream of consciousness and guide you with questions to proce

Strolls amidst nature are therapeutic

When it feels like I have very little steam left in my engine, I head to nature. I find an outdoor environment and get lost in it. There is something healing and renewing about fresh air. Inhaling the scents of the elements of nature connects me to my origin. I am reminded that I am naturally strong and capable.   Outdoor time allows me to heal difficult relationships with friends and family members. The fresh air gives me a clear mind and a shift in perspective.   The same is true when I am searching for new business opportunities at work. I am more innovative when I seek inspiration from nature. I become creative by observing the intricate patterns on leaves and the precision with which nature feeds itself each day. Strolling through the forest nearby teaches me that it is possible to live well with others.   When I see the plants sharing the same resources each day, I know I am capable of living in harmony with my colleagues at work. There are enough opportunities to ma

I am experiencing an evolutionary growth spurt

 As I reflect on how much I have grown in the past year, I can hardly recognize the person I once was.   I am exceedingly grateful that I have taken the time to go on a self-discovery journey. I see myself as the hero of my own story. I have gone down into the depths of my soul and dug out some old fears, which I have now overcome.   I am proud of myself.   I have come a very long way. I have overcome many fears. I now see fear as an ally. I have faced my fears and overcome them. I am stronger than ever.   I now have the confidence to face all obstacles in my life and see them as growth opportunities.   I take the time to journal my experiences. That way, I can remember how far I have come. I have come very far, very fast. I am now ahead of the curve. I am now ahead of my time.   Now, I can be a resource for those who are just recognizing their fears. I can support my coaching better now that I have experienced facing fears personally. I am a more compassiona

I can erase my expectations, That's why I always use a pencil!

  My expectations come with their own eraser, so I can always make changes at will .   I strive to set fair expectations for myself. If I am working my hardest and still feel far off from my goals, I do not worry. I simply revise my plan.   If I work half-heartedly and procrastinate, yet I still meet my expectations, then I know it's time to push myself a little harder.   I make changes when I feel like I am stuck in a rut. I make changes when I need to spice up my life. As I learn and grow, there are new things that I want to pursue. My expectations reflect who I want to be.     Because nothing is set in stone, I reflect often and evaluate the path of my life. I have the power to change the direction of my steps at any moment.     As I mature, I allow myself to make changes to my goals . When I erase something from my plans, I leave it behind me . I refrain from second-guessing.   There are things beyond my control that may influence my ability to meet the

Cultivating Courage

  Are your fears holding you back from living the life you deserve? Do you wish you could show more courage in your day-to-day dealings with others?   If you had more courage, maybe you could ask for that raise you've been waiting for, feel more confident in closing that next sale, or even invite the girl of your dreams to go out on a date! The possibilities are endless!   But what is courage, really? Courage is the ability to continue moving forward even in the face of challenge, adversity, and fear. Without fear, there could be no bravery. So being courageous is largely about managing fear as best you can and still taking the best action available to you. Courage Is Like A Psychological Muscle.   Being brave is similar to lifting weights. The more you participate, the easier it becomes. Alternatively, the more you're willing to use and accept fear as an excuse not to move forward, the easier that path becomes. You get good at the things you practice regularly.  

Maximize Your Motivation and Results by Quantifying Your Progress

Progress is the best motivator. Even if you need to lose 100 pounds, it’s pretty exciting to see that you’ve lost 10 pounds. However, progress isn’t always apparent. Some things are very subjective unless you take the time to measure them.   For example, it may be hard to see a 10-pound weight loss in the mirror, but it’s pretty easy to see your progress on a bathroom scale.   Some goals can take a long time to accomplish. If you only measure yourself by whether or not you’ve achieved the goal, you’re going to be displeased for months or even years. You’re also likely to lose interest. Measuring your progress makes long-term goals much more possible.   Try these methods to quantify your progress in different areas of focus:   Bodyweight. This is one we’re all familiar with. It’s pretty easy to step on the scale at regular intervals and see which way your weight is headed. Bodyweight can fluctuate considerably with hydration levels, hormone levels, and how long it’s been

Hot and Cold Therapy: Beneficial or Needless Self-Torture?

 Heat and cold are commonly used for treating injuries to specific areas of the body. But what about heating and cooling your entire body? Are these helpful in any meaningful way? Or is it just a silly fad without any merit?  Biohackers have promoted these ideas over the last few years. Let’s see if there’s any substance to their advice.   Spending time in a sauna regularly has its benefits:   Stress relief. Sitting in a sauna can feel wonderful. It’s stress-relieving and cleansing, especially after you wash the sweat off. Formation of heat shock proteins. Excessive heat stimulates specific genes to create heat shock proteins. ●       These are helpful in eliminating free radicals in the body. Heat shock proteins can also repair damaged proteins. Spending time in a sauna can prolong your life. Research has shown that spending some time in a sauna at least four days a week may reduce the incidence of several causes of death

Heal Yourself and the World

When life becomes a tangled web of negative news, upsetting emotions, and work overload, it's hard to find ways to feel better. Sometimes, the only thing you can do is hang on and take every step to keep your mind and emotions positive.   One way to psychologically heal yourself is to perform random acts of kindness. The really cool thing about doing random acts of kindness is that you feel great, and someone else feels blessed, too. By one simple act, two people will feel better about their lives.  Why not heal yourself and someone else through practicing kind acts? Try some of these suggestions or think of your own lovely favors to do for others.   Deposit money in a vending machine and walk away. If you work in a setting with food and beverage vending machines, a wonderful, inexpensive way to give someone's day a lift as well as your own is to deposit money in a machine and leave it for the next person. Whoever approaches the machine will see there's money

I get up quickly when I fall. The experience makes me stronger

  I get up quickly when I fall because my strength is determined by my resolve to move forward, regardless of setbacks. When I am determined to succeed, a simple fall only fuels my drive. No matter how many times I fall, I wipe the dust off my knees and carry on.   Sometimes in my walk, I may stumble, which sets me back. But a minor stumble may prevent me from falling. When I stumble, I hold on to the lessons that I have learned in the past to help me stand strong once again.   Hope stays with me when I fall because when I hit the ground, the only direction to go is up. I can look forward to tomorrow because I will enter the day with new wisdom. My vision stays close to my heart even if I have to make adjustments to my plans.   I keep my dignity when I fall because my true character is revealed at the lowest point. Even when I have made a mistake, I continue to be an intelligent person worthy of admiration and respect.   Without overanalyzing my mistakes, I evaluate my actio

The Surprising Connection Between Sleep and Heart Health

Diet and exercise may be the first things that come to mind when you think about taking care of your heart. However, what you do overnight counts too. Sleep deficiencies can contribute to many heart conditions, and heart troubles can make it difficult to sleep.   Experts have been aware of a link between sleep apnea and high blood pressure for many years. Now, ongoing research is discovering similar interactions related to insomnia and other sleep disorders.  Learn more about how you can use sleep to keep your heart healthy.   Understanding How Sleep Affects Your Heart   The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that one-third of adults get less than the minimum recommendation of 7 hours of sleep each night, adding to their risk for heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. What does that mean for you?   Consider these facts:   Count your hours. Lack of sleep can disrupt your hormones and cause calcium buildup and other changes in your arteries. On the other