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I write my own story

I am the author of my own destiny. I am the writer of my own fate. And I love that I can take control of my story.   I am glad that I have taken responsibility for my own narrative. I now see that others lack the power to have any say in my story. I am the director of this play.   I choose the characters that I want to play with now. I take back my power.    I am proud of myself and how far I have come on this journey. I now do a rewrite of my history. I forgive those who I am ready to forgive.   I am no longer the victim in my story. I am the hero.   As the hero, I rescue any parts of myself that need to be healed. I give these parts the love they need. I acknowledge all my parts.   I have stopped pushing down the aspects of myself that need to come forth to be forgiven. I do my forgiveness work. I do my healing work.   Now that I have all my parts on board with the new narrative, I can joyfully write my new script. I choose a new path that I have never gone do