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How to Axe Self-Sabotaging Behavior

Self-sabotage is uniquely human behavior. Many of us sabotage ourselves when we decide we want something by doing everything we can to ensure we don’t get it. Sound familiar? Although self-sabotage is a subconscious behavior, we can get a handle on it.   There are many reasons that you might sabotage yourself. It’s an extremely common behavior rooted in fear of the unknown. If you’ve immersed yourself in mediocrity, the idea of greatness may be frightening. Ask yourself if you’re satisfied with your life.   Find out why you may self-sabotage:   1.       Control. You might self-sabotage because you have a need to be in control of your circumstances. The easiest and most certain way to stay in control is to maintain the status quo.   ·          If you put your all into something, you run the risk of becoming vulnerable. Fear gets the best of you, and you self-sabotage.   2.       Low self-esteem. Do you feel unworthy of greatness?   ·          For whatever reas