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Exposure is the best medicine

  New tasks, surroundings, and people can be exciting, even when they require stepping out of my comfort zone. This is especially true when I have been engrossed in particular routines for a lengthy period of time. I find that the best cure is exposure.   I try to remain aware of the complacent feeling that occurs with particular routines. When I recognize complacency in me, I do something to fight it.   Sometimes, I change the order of my tasks, the times I take my breaks, or my regular work tempo. I may even take a course to learn something different, strengthen my skills, or expand my world.   When I see someone new, I am the first to introduce myself.   By exposing myself to new things, I avoid complacency in my life, opinions, and beliefs. I try new foods, attend new types of events, and seek new opportunities to be active.   Today, I want to try something different from my normal routine. I may go out to eat at a restaurant that serves a type of food that is complet