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Take 10

I Was Misinformed by the Misinformed.

I was told that I need to get motivated, that when you're motivated you can do anything. How exactly does one get motivated? Let me tell you some of the ways it doesn't, at least for me. Eating your Wheaties, setting your alarm 5 or even 10 minutes earlier that you need to get up, pray, jog, read self help books, positive affirmations and my favorite CAFFEINE!! Ok so maybe the Caffeine helps a little, but what I didn't realize is that motivation comes from doing something, usually something you don't "feel" like doing. I think what I didn't understand that motivation is an action not a feeling. Nobody wants to wake up at the butt crack of dawn to go jogging. Ok not anyone that's sane anyway. We don't want to got to work everyday, even if we like what we do for the most part. What I'm trying to say is that we do the things we do because we are motivated for better. Whether that be better health, better career, to be a better person etc. We are motivated everyday to do things, sometimes without wanting to, because of our ultimate goal. 
Then there are times that we want "better" but just don't have the umpf to start. This is when you can "take 10". What I have found is that starting something new, different, maybe a little scary, is the biggest problem. So if you just tell yourself I'm just going to do it for 10 minutes, I can do 10 minutes, you won't feel so overwhelmed and by doing the action you become motivated. I know it sounds backwards but it's true. 
I have been applying this to my life for the past couple of years and I am astounded by what I've been able to accomplish. Just little things like taking 10 to meditate. Or taking 10 to make a goals list and maybe another 10 to break those goals down into more doable steps. I've taking 10 to work on my resume and apply for jobs I didn't think I was qualified for. It's not always easy, in fact it never is but I feel once I get started, it does get easier. So if you are like me, waiting to get motivated, take 10 and get moving!!


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