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Top 10 Habits That Enhance Your Mood and Your Success

  Your daily rituals ultimately determine the quality of your life. Happy and successful people do different things each day than the average person. And they do those things consistently. This is great news! A few small changes can transform your life, but patience is required. Instead of focusing on big changes, consider making a few minor adjustments.   The odds of successfully making a change is much higher when that change is small.   Effective habits result in a more productive life:   1.      Make yourself a priority. We’ve all been taught to worry about others. Self-sacrifice is viewed as altruistic and noble. But you’re important, too. Give your emotional and physical health the priority it deserves. You’ll then be in a better position to help yourself and others. 2.      Set one or more goals each day. If you don’t have an objective for the day, you’re much less likely to make the most of it. It feels good to wake up with a purpose. You’ll also get a lot more a

9 Strategies to Bring More Balance into Your Life

Life is demanding, and it's very easy to feel that life is out of control. But you have a choice. You can bring balance to your life if you make it a priority. It's easy to spend all day chasing objectives, only to feel that you've accomplished nothing at the end of the day. Rebalancing your life is possible.  A busy life can be meaningful, interesting, and invigorating.   Try these effective strategies to create balance in your life:   1.      Learn to be more patient. Your life might be more balanced than you realize, but it's hard to see it if you're impatient. A lack of patience makes every situation more challenging. A little patience makes many challenging situations manageable.   ·        Impatience is one way you agitate yourself. You also, make yourself less capable in the moment. 2.      Simplify. It's very easy in today's world to buy more things than you need and take on more responsibilities than you can manage. Every extra item and respon

Fun times bring balance to my life

  In the midst of life's challenges, I make time to enjoy what is in front of me. Spending time doing fun things adds great balance to my life.   Spending time with friends is a great way to unwind. Although focusing on my responsibilities is important, I avoid neglecting social activities. Being around others with like minds allows for shared expressions and unforced interaction. It may not be possible to physically get together in these trying times, but virtual get-togethers can be just as comforting. Get creative. Have a virtual karaoke, scavenger hunt, maybe a virtual jam session, or book club.   I enjoy playing with my grandson. Whether that be coloring, reading, playing with his cars and trucks, or running around outside.   Being carefree takes my mind off the seriousness of life. He is so full of energy and zest for life, and it energizes me as well.   Taking some time out for self-care is also essential for a balanced life. I plan my "me time" once a

Finding Balance in Life

  Can you find balance in your life? Some say you can, while others say there is no such thing if you want to be highly successful.   It's true that many of the most high-profile successful people have anything but balanced lives. But, many of them are also miserable too.   You can attain a high level of success and enjoy all the aspects of your life that mean the most to you.   Find balance with these strategies:   Cut back on the non-essentials. If you're struggling to find balance in your life, a lack of time is the most common issue. Take a look at how you spend your time each week. What are the activities you can do without? Avoid wasting time. Now, consider all the ways you genuinely waste time. This might include watching TV reruns, surfing the internet, or window shopping. The more time you can find in your life to apply to the things that matter, the more balanced you can make your life. Set your priorities. Know what bala