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Pushing the Envelope

 Some believe that fate determines their lives. Others abide by the expression, “Life is what you make it.” Although it’s fine to believe in fate, if you want something different, exhilarating, or exciting in life, it might not work out so well to sit around waiting for fate to produce it. Instead, why not see your life as something you have a hand in?         Use these strategies to create the adventures you yearn for:   Try something different. Shake up your routine. For example, if every Friday night you go to the same restaurant for seafood, this Friday, go to the new vegetarian restaurant across town. Or go crazy and go on Thursday! Stop taking the path of least resistance. It’s not unusual to take the path you perceive as “safe”– that provides you with the least obstacles and roadblocks. However, sometimes, you might be compelled to take a rougher road, especially if the end result provides a great adventure. Struggle now to win great rewards later. Refrain from

I seek adventure

Life is a jumble of activities. There is work, home life, and all sorts of unexpected events. If I am not careful, my life can become an endless list of tasks to complete. Although I want to achieve many goals, I also desire adventure in my life.   Seeking excitement brings balance to a life filled with required activities. Balancing the unknown with the known makes for a more interesting life experience.   I believe that my goal to cultivate exciting experiences helps me to find some of the most wonderful things in life. Choosing to carry a sense of excitement livens up my day.   I can experience adventure in many ways other than taking an expensive trip. Adventure is found in the most unobtrusive places, like in a nearby park or just by taking a walk in my neighborhood.   I recognize that joy and excitement can be found in all kinds of places and situations. I look for adventure through simple acts like extending a hand to new friends or taking on a fresh project at