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 Here are 10 ways to reduce overwhelm Set goals : set long term AND  short term goals. For example, I want to start my own business (long term goal) steps I can take now are; take some courses on business and marketing, save some money for the initial capital it will take to launch the business, join a group of like-minded people (masterminds) Set priorities : after making your "to-do list" make 2 MUST  do. No matter what happens these two things must get done. For example, I MUST exercise for at least 20 minutes today and I MUST finish recording this portion of my course. Set boundaries : learn how to say no and not take on more responsibilities than you can and should do. Sometimes people take advantage of our good nature and sometimes we are enabling our loved ones by not allowing them to do it themselves even if that means they fall flat on their face. Set time limits : When doing a task sometimes we can get caught up and lose track of time and then the other things we ne