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Uncomfortable times encourage me to make prudent choices

   In life, there are good days and days with an opportunity to enhance my circumstances. I look forward to both because they serve as growth opportunities.   Being outside of my comfort zone is a little unsettling but I am brave. I know that I am adaptable and creative. Those attributes bring comfort. I can get through it. I have a 100% success rate of surviving this far!!   Newness in any aspect of my life provides the opportunity to observe. Sitting still and taking in all that is happening around me allows me to adjust to norms. It gives me the chance to understand what I am involved in and decide my next course of action.   I am sometimes uncomfortable when I am required to manage competing for financial obligations. But I stay cool, consider what would be the wisest option, and then stick with my plan. If I make a mistake I learn. I either win or learn. But if I don't make a decision or I try to stay in my comfort zone I don't learn, and I don't grow.

Break Out of Your Comfort Zone and Free Yourself from a Self-Imposed Prison

 Perhaps you’ve developed a habit of remaining in your comfort zone. It’s easy to do. Yet, you’ve also lately wanted to try some new things and meet some new friends. Rest assured that your life will become much more interesting when you decide to leave your safe zone behind you.   Ponder these points about breaking out of your comfort zone:   1.      Remaining in your comfort zone for too long robs you of growing. When you stretch yourself a bit, you’ll find yourself reaching out as a tree toward the sun. ·        If you get too comfortable and rarely try to do anything new, how will you grow? 2.      Making one change in your routine can open you up to new experiences. For example, if you usually go to the health club to jog on the treadmill and lift free weights, try a spinning or aerobics class one morning a week instead. 3.      In order to grow, you’re required to put forth effort. Stepping away from what you’re used to brings more work for you. When you first

S.A.D. Seasonal Affective Disorder

 S.A.D. is a type of depression that is seasonal and is usually prevalent in areas that have less sunlight during certain times of the year. Here in New England, that season is fall and winter. Many suffer and in various degrees. Your symptoms may include a change in mood: anxiety, apathy, general discontent, loneliness, loss of interest, mood swings, or sadness—other symptoms such as excessive sleep or sleep deprivation, even insomnia. Body aches, fatigue, and appetite changes with weight gain often occur. Also common are irritability, social isolation, lack of concentration, and of course, depression. S.A.D. can be self-diagnosed,, and there are many treatments for it. If you suffer from these symptoms, you can see your doctor, and he/she will probably prescribe some medication, and sometimes that medication helps. I'm writing this today because I too suffer from S.A.D. I take that back. I used to SUFFER, now I take steps to help alliviate the symptoms and in a more holistic way.

Its too cold outside, and other great excuses

 I was supposed to go for a walk this morning. My daughter called and asked if I wanted to go to her house for lunch. It's been a while since I went to visit her and I had been working very hard at work, school, and creating my online course. So I was happy for the break. I finished some homework in the morning and I figured I could go for a walk with her and my grandson. It was very chilly outside. We did go outside to play for a bit but no walk. I haven't' been getting my walks in after work because it gets dark early and by the time I get home it's too dark.  These are my top three excuses; lack of time, it's too dark, and my favorite             It's too cold out!!! I need to find a way. I need to change the plan. I know when things are not working and I'm not achieving my goal I need to change the plan not the goal!! change of plan 1. On my days off go in the morning before I do anything else and get distracted 2. Take a break at work and go for a half

Taking uncomfortable action!

 Hey guys, I've just had an exciting, busy, scary, huge growth kind of week! I had joined this 5-day challenge with Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Russell Brunson . Woah, the mind is blown! Now you're probably thinking, "ya Doreen, those guys are professional, motivational, hype guys, and they are good at selling you a dream." The truth is, I already had the dream. I've been talking myself out of that dream for years. They are good at what they do, and I want to be just like them. I know I'm a late bloomer. They started really young, and I'm almost 50, but I don't care. I am taking the plunge. I am all in! If I fail, I will keep trying to the day I die. I'm done with the naysayers!! I'm done with not taking risks because I'm too scared of failing or what people will think. I will develop a successful business on motivational workshops and help people in addictions reach their full potential,  and I'll do that by emulating the pros