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6 Mental Errors That Lead to Poor Decisions

We can often trace the most significant challenges in our life to just a couple of poor decisions. Effective decisions require clear thinking and accurate perceptions of the situation and how the world works. It's easy to allow mental errors to lead to making a poor choice.   It's not always easy to make a wise decision, but there are things we can do to increase our odds.   Consider these mental errors that can degrade your ability to make a wise decision:   Failing to consider the long-term implications. Short-term thinking can lead to long-term challenges. Many of us focus more on the short-term than the long-term when making decisions. We choose the yummiest food to eat or the most enjoyable way to spend the next hour. ●       In most cases, we are better served by considering the long-term implications of our decisions.   For example: I would love to sleep in or hit the snooze button when my alarm goes off at 3:45 am. B