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Discovering Your Self-Worth Despite Challenging Circumstances

  Does life seem to be a struggle for you? Do you feel overwhelmed and frustrated much of the time? Do you wish you could experience something better? Fortunately, you can enjoy the exciting life you deserve.   Success is available to you despite challenging circumstances. It's important to remember, also, that your self-worth is not defined by your circumstances.   What holds you back? Take some time today to question the beliefs you hold that limit your potential. If you look at a challenging circumstance as a wall that's impossible to climb, you need a fresh perspective. Within you is everything you need to thrive and excel. The more you question the validity of your limiting beliefs, the more success you'll experience in your life.   Think of a circumstance in your life that you believe is preventing you from something you want. Write it down, then get ready to challenge that limiting belief. If you do, you'll begin to move toward the success you des

Resilience is a learned skill

  Are you looking for the skills to get through tough times? Do you want to learn how to better manage your thoughts, actions, and life? Resilience is a skill that can be learned and cultivated. If you want to develop this skill, you can do so by applying new concepts to the small ways in which you live out your daily life.   Use this checklist as a reference to direct you toward resilience. 1.      Develop your understanding of resilience. ●        Life is something that you can either go through, or grow through. Resilience requires the willingness to grow and adapt. ●        Life has peaks and valleys. It is always changing. If you're able to accept this, you'll find that you're more motivated to get curious about the lessons of each moment. ●        You’re not born with resilience, but you can develop this skill. 2.     Enhance emotion regulation skills. ●        You have the freedom to choose your reactions. Your emotions and thoughts are

The Struggle Can Be the Reward

  The average person avoids challenges like she’s avoiding the plague. Struggling isn’t enjoyable, so it’s natural to avoid it as much as possible. There’s an issue with this strategy: There’s a lot to be gained from struggling .   There are many aspects to humans that are anti-fragile, meaning that stress makes them stronger.   For example:   ●       Exercise is a stressor that delivers positive benefits. ●       Being hot or cold, within reason, is good for your health. ●       Fasting is beneficial. Struggling is similar in that it makes you better than you were before the struggle.   Have you ever noticed that?   You learn a lot about yourself when you struggle . You don’t learn a lot about yourself while you’re watching a movie for the fifth time from your couch. When life is easy, you have a natural tendency to coast. Any struggle is a test of your will, ingenuity, and perseverance. You can learn how to use failure . Struggles often end in “failur

Why do I blog?

I don't know about you, but I didn't get sober to be miserable. I had spent years trying to figure out this sobriety thing I was in and out of the halls of AA and treatment centers. And I had had various lengths of sobriety. But there seemed to be something missing, something I wasn't getting. There were times that I had felt peace and serenity but true contentment? What was that? Over the past few years, I have realized or recognized some of the key elements in the various programs that I had attended AA, refuge recovery, the different programs I was researching NLP, DBT, CBT, and I started listening to motivational speakers such as Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Mel Robbins, and Jens Sicero. All of them had similar approaches, although their techniques might have been a little different. I also was trying to find motivational speakers, particularly women in recovery, and I didn't see many actually; I didn't find any that I could identify with. So as I started learni

Quiet Your Inner Critic

 How to quiet your inner critic: When talking about self-esteem frequently we talk about our inner critic. The critic is the voice inside our head that constantly gives us feedback about our performance. Those with lower self-esteem listen to a particularly harsh inner critic, one whose voice is loud, clear, and persistent.  The critic is so much a part of us that we hardly notice that it's debilitating. Slowly but surely, it tricks us and makes us believe that we are not worthy. So how do we quiet our inner critic?   1. Be conscious of your inner critic. Take note of the number of times during the day your inner voice demeans you.  2. Engage in a dialogue with your inner critic. When it puts you down, ask  *Where is this voice coming from?  *Is it a true fact? *What happens when I believe that thought?   *Does it get me what I want?  3. Replace your inner critic with your inner coach, one who will guide and advise you rather than shame and blame you. Give life to this new inner v