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I seek adventure

Life is a jumble of activities. There is work, home life, and all sorts of unexpected events. If I am not careful, my life can become an endless list of tasks to complete. Although I want to achieve many goals, I also desire adventure in my life.   Seeking excitement brings balance to a life filled with required activities. Balancing the unknown with the known makes for a more interesting life experience.   I believe that my goal to cultivate exciting experiences helps me to find some of the most wonderful things in life. Choosing to carry a sense of excitement livens up my day.   I can experience adventure in many ways other than taking an expensive trip. Adventure is found in the most unobtrusive places, like in a nearby park or just by taking a walk in my neighborhood.   I recognize that joy and excitement can be found in all kinds of places and situations. I look for adventure through simple acts like extending a hand to new friends or taking on a fresh project at