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Discovering Your Self-Worth Despite Challenging Circumstances

  Does life seem to be a struggle for you? Do you feel overwhelmed and frustrated much of the time? Do you wish you could experience something better? Fortunately, you can enjoy the exciting life you deserve.   Success is available to you despite challenging circumstances. It's important to remember, also, that your self-worth is not defined by your circumstances.   What holds you back? Take some time today to question the beliefs you hold that limit your potential. If you look at a challenging circumstance as a wall that's impossible to climb, you need a fresh perspective. Within you is everything you need to thrive and excel. The more you question the validity of your limiting beliefs, the more success you'll experience in your life.   Think of a circumstance in your life that you believe is preventing you from something you want. Write it down, then get ready to challenge that limiting belief. If you do, you'll begin to move toward the success you des

Do You Recognize the Warning Signs of Controlling Relationships?

You could be in a controlling relationship without even realizing it. Manipulative and dominating behavior is very often subtle. It like they say about cooking a frog. If you put the frog in a pot with lukewarm water and slowly bring it to a boil, the frog will just stay in the pot and not even realize he's being cooked. As opposed to putting a frog in an already boing pot of water, the frog will surely jump out. So controlling relationships happen slowly, and of course, no one wants to admit that they've fallen for someone who is manipulative. after all, we're smarter than that. Love can not only be blind but deaf and dumb. Please don't think it can't happen to you. That is a belief that has been disproven time a d time again. Instead, educate yourself on the warning signs. Once you learn to recognize these signs, you will see them as glaring and in your face. Please don't beat yourself up for not seeing them before. Common warning signs include a partner who

11 Ways to Build Lasting Self-Esteem

  Self-esteem is essentially the quality of being pleased with yourself. The opposite of having high self-esteem is loathing yourself, which is obviously a challenging way to live. Learning how to be happy with yourself can benefit you in every other aspect of your life. You’ll be a lot happier in general, too.   Learn to love yourself and raise your self-esteem with these tips:  1. Volunteer . Demonstrate to yourself that you’re a good person by giving some of your spare time to a worthy cause. You’ll feel better about yourself than if you’d spent the same time watching a TV series marathon instead.  2. Do something each day that you’re good at . We feel competent and confident while doing something that we know we’re good at. Make a list of the things you know in your heart that you do well. Do at least one of them each day and notice how you feel.  3. Remind yourself of your successes daily . Spend a few minutes each day reviewing your successes. Include recent as well as successes

Quiet Your Inner Critic

 How to quiet your inner critic: When talking about self-esteem frequently we talk about our inner critic. The critic is the voice inside our head that constantly gives us feedback about our performance. Those with lower self-esteem listen to a particularly harsh inner critic, one whose voice is loud, clear, and persistent.  The critic is so much a part of us that we hardly notice that it's debilitating. Slowly but surely, it tricks us and makes us believe that we are not worthy. So how do we quiet our inner critic?   1. Be conscious of your inner critic. Take note of the number of times during the day your inner voice demeans you.  2. Engage in a dialogue with your inner critic. When it puts you down, ask  *Where is this voice coming from?  *Is it a true fact? *What happens when I believe that thought?   *Does it get me what I want?  3. Replace your inner critic with your inner coach, one who will guide and advise you rather than shame and blame you. Give life to this new inner v