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What's really bugging you?

  Many of us get angry, annoyed, frustrated, or downright pissed off from time to time. It is normal to feel these feelings with someone you love in particular. I know for some of us, anger issues are a part of our pattern and either the cause or result of our substance abuse. It doesn't really matter which came first. If this is a problem for you, then you have developed a habit, if you will, of getting angry and maybe even explosive. Some people will call it "anger issues" and look for resolutions in "anger management" groups. And this may work for some people. It has been my experience that anger is not the issue. It is a result of underlining issues.  One major issue is communication or, more accurately, miscommunication. This usually comes in the form of misunderstandings because people "assume." We all look at things, situations with filters from our past experiences. In other words, how I interpret what you say or do is primarily affected by my