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At last, the real secret to embrace and accept change is revealed

  Change is inevitable. Look at your hobbies, friends, clothes, taste in music, TV shows, family, and career. Many of those things have changed. The people around you have changed. The political climate has changed. There’s change everywhere.   Change can bring fear, doubt, and uncertainty. However, it’s not helpful to view change negatively. In order to survive, it’s necessary to adapt to change.   There are new experiences and understandings to be gained as a result of the changes in your life. If you never changed, you’d still be playing in the sandbox at the playground and eating dirt.   If you’re finding it difficult to embrace changes in your life, using these strategies can help:   1. Understand that life is always changing. Life is about change. Life is always evolving. It’s the very nature of life. Think about how much you’ve changed since you were an infant. Your body and view of the world have changed considerably over the years. Change is a natural part

I am humble enough to seek help when I need it

I bear a large load of responsibilities on my shoulders that I complete with joy. When my load becomes too heavy and I need to reach out for help, I shake off the ego that binds me to my pride and frees myself to accept help from others.   There is a limit to what I can do - a fact I accept with humility.   Asking for the help of others takes a level of humility and courage I am capable of achieving. Life would be lonely and boring if I were able to do everything without needing anyone's help. When someone helps me, and I help someone else, I build community.   By giving others an opportunity to help me, I benefit from their knowledge.   I am still a success even if I occasionally seek the assistance of others. I refrain from beating myself up over having to use an extra pair of hands. Whether I am capable of performing a task or needing some help, I am still proud of who I am and the abilities I possess.   Today, I make good use of my time by asking for help when I need

Managing Transitions in Life

The one thing you can be sure of in life is that there will be times when you’re thrown a curveball. Something will happen that you aren’t expecting.  Even though you know you’ve got the strength to handle anything that life brings you, you might still be taken aback by an unexpected change in your life direction.   These suggestions will help you successfully handle some of life’s transitional times:   1.      Take a deep breath. Pause for a moment and give yourself time just to breathe. This one crucial step can psychologically change your state from a “fight or flight” response to a more slowed down cognitive processing state. 2.      Process the information. Next, allow yourself some time to think through what’s happened. This might take a few days, depending on your situation. From your perspective, what occurred? What is the lesson to learn? What is the challenge/opportunity that you gain utilize from this? 3.      Talk about it. Call a close friend or family mem

My purpose in life is being fulfilled

  I am genuinely appreciative of each step I am able to take in life. Even when the road is rocky, I remain thankful that I am able to walk on it. I know that my purpose in life is being fulfilled with each experience.   When I am faced with the harsh reality of suffering, I avoid turning a blind eye. I believe that things are brought to my attention for me to do something about them.   My purpose is to help those whose plights are presented before me. I am meant to make a difference in as many lives as I can. Although I spend time working on personal goals, I am ordained to also focus on external challenges.   Even though I have my own plans, I accept that life comes with its own timing. Each delay I am faced with on the road towards a goal is meant to occur.   There is a lesson for me to learn with each hiccup in life. The person I am today is a fraction of the person that life is preparing me to become. I accept each learning experience as an opportunity to develop