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Who Else Wants to Try a Social Media Detox?

Social media is great for staying in touch with family and friends and finding deals from your favorite brands. However, there can be a downside.   Internet searches for social media detox rose 314% this past year. That's according to a Pinterest study of trends for the year 2020.   Maybe you're one of many adults trying to change your relationship with Facebook and other online platforms. Start with these suggestions that will help you to clarify your priorities and reclaim your time.   How to Spend Less Time on Social Media:   Book your time. The hours can fly by when you're browsing and posting. Keep track of your activities, so you'll see where you need to cut down. Limit yourself to one or two daily time slots for social media. Set a curfew. Searching your Facebook feed before bed can disrupt your sleep due to mental stimulation and the light from the screen. Turn off all your devices a couple of hours before retiring.