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What You Need to Know about Alcohol and Anxiety

TV commercials encourage you to have a drink to relax. However, the relationship between alcohol and anxiety can be more complicated than that. Many adults can safely drink in moderation. For others, alcohol may cause anxiety or aggravate pre-existing conditions.   There are several reasons why alcohol tends to disturb your peace of mind.   Embarrassing yourself at an office party may be an obvious danger, but there's also a molecular explanation. Alcohol causes changes in your brain chemicals, including gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which is involved in regulating anxiety.   Your brain adjusts to the sedating effects of alcohol but may have trouble balancing itself again when your blood alcohol content starts to fall. That could leave you feeling more anxious than when you started, and that uneasiness may last for a day or more. Prolonged heavy drinking often contributes to anxiety.   Lifestyle changes and professional help can make a big difference if alcohol an