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I don't have to do everything and be everything.

  My life is so much more relaxed and pleasurable when I let go of the need to do everything myself. In addition, I actually enjoy more success when I let others handle some of the tasks and responsibilities!   At work, delegating projects and tasks is a skill I continue to practice. I also practice asking for help. I had a limiting belief for the longest time, as many of us do, that asking for help is a weakness. I need to crush that belief! Asking for help is actually a strength. It enables others to feel needed and allows me to focus on projects that I do well at.   Also when I delegate, I refrain from trying to control everything. I am confident that the team around me can do an exceptional job, even if their methods are different from mine.   Fostering a team spirit lets everyone be part of the success. The better I perfect my delegating skills, the less everyone feels the need to turn to me for everything.   At home, delegating chores teaches my children respon