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Become Happier and More Successful Through Delayed Gratification

I find it very difficult to deal with the instant gratification of today's world. Where everything comes to us so easily and quickly, learning how to delay instead gratification becomes challenging. I know for me, particularly being a woman in recovery, my first response to any given situation is to react to fix what I'm feeling instantly and dramatically LOL. And although sometimes, when opportunity strikes, you must respond quickly but most of the time, it's best to pause and contemplate to make healthier decisions.   Learning to delay gratification can make you happier and more successful in both your personal and professional life. Psychological studies confirm what many traditions have long taught about the power of mental training: a little self-discipline can yield great results!   Here are some of the benefits of waiting for what you want, as well as techniques for becoming more patient.  Benefits of Delaying Gratification   1.      Improve your academic a

Top 10 Habits That Enhance Your Mood and Your Success

  Your daily rituals ultimately determine the quality of your life. Happy and successful people do different things each day than the average person. And they do those things consistently. This is great news! A few small changes can transform your life, but patience is required. Instead of focusing on big changes, consider making a few minor adjustments.   The odds of successfully making a change is much higher when that change is small.   Effective habits result in a more productive life:   1.      Make yourself a priority. We’ve all been taught to worry about others. Self-sacrifice is viewed as altruistic and noble. But you’re important, too. Give your emotional and physical health the priority it deserves. You’ll then be in a better position to help yourself and others. 2.      Set one or more goals each day. If you don’t have an objective for the day, you’re much less likely to make the most of it. It feels good to wake up with a purpose. You’ll also get a lot more a

Top 10 Reasons Why Meditation Might Not Be Working For You

  Meditation is simple, cheap, and highly effective, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. And to be honest, it actually is pretty easy; it’s just not what people expect it to be.  Beginners have all sorts of challenges when meditating, but most of them aren’t really problems. The complaints beginners have are simply part of the meditation process.  Meditation can work for everyone that puts in the time and effort.   Are these challenges holding you back?   Your mind is too active. Of course, it’s active. It takes practice before the mind quiets down, and it’s rarely silent even after years of practice. It takes about 20 minutes for experienced meditators to notice a slowing down of the mind. ●       This isn’t really a problem. Part of the purpose of meditating is to learn how your mind operates. This is how it operates. ●       Just return your focus to your breath. Your mind wanders. It’s not uncommon to suddenly realize that you’ve