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I can release my feelings of trying to control everything. I can go with the flow

  I acknowledge that the only person I have complete control over is me! I cannot control the thoughts, opinions, or actions of others. However, I can control my reactions to whatever life throws my way.   I let go of my desire to control situations, and I refuse to allow frustration to cloud my mind. Instead, I choose to focus on what I can do in any given situation.   Even though I cannot control everything, I am not powerless over everything! I still have tools that help me direct my life toward achieving my goals, regardless of life’s distractions. I can choose to change or let go.   My time management skills keep me focused and organized. I allow time in my schedule for dealing with distractions without losing my focus on my priorities. We have control over where we put our priorities, but life will do it for us if we don’t prioritize.   Affirmations are another tool that helps guide my life to where I want to go. Regardless of what life throws at me, I can replace any