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I am mindful of each moment

 Each moment of my life matters to me. Life is composed of a string of moments, and I am determined to make the most of each moment of my life. The first step to maximizing my experience of living is to be mindful.  Mindfulness allows me to experience each moment fully.   When I am lacking mindfulness, I am missing out on my life. My life can become grueling, overwhelming, and lack purpose. When I pay attention to the moment in front of me, I am fully living my life. My life has meaning, is manageable, and fulfilling.   I avoid spending too much time thinking about the past. The past is less relevant than the present. Thinking about the past most often leads to feelings of regret, anxiety, and depression. Regret is an enemy of my enjoyment of the present. Anxiety and depression steal my happiness. These negative feelings can bring about a relapse if I am not mindful and nip it in the bud.   I avoid worrying about the future. Worrying about what might happen next also makes li